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What is Art Therapy?

How can Art Therapy Help Me?

Art Therapy




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 It’s a powerful process composed of guided discussions with a licensed Art Therapist and art making to access our deep inner self. Art Therapy is about finding new solutions to old ways of being, thinking, feeling and the entire encounter with the art materials. Art Therapy is counseling therapy and a great match for all ages and mental health concerns. 

Art Therapy is for anyone who pursues a therapy to create personal change and growth.


How is Art Therapy Different than Traditional Talk Therapy?

The process alone is key. Art Therapy accesses deeper parts of our brain which holds  memory of experience called "implicit memory”. Implicit memory stores our experiences in  images -not in words or language - such as the smell of a flower. Implicit can also hold  complex and emotional memories of difficulty ie trauma. Therefore, language or talking alone cannot get to these deeper held experiences we have inside. Consequently, the process of Art Therapy which uses imagery and discussion, can access implicit experiences gently moving them forward to be processed so that new concepts and thinking patterns are generated.

Creative talent  is not necessary to begin your journey of personal change. Art Therapy is not about the product you create or how it looks. The focus is the process you travel through

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